Some of our clients testimonials

I am very very happy with everything you have done. You are professional, caring, very comfortable to be with and generate an atmosphere of calm and experience.

This made it very easy for me to feel confident and would recommend you to anyone.

Ali - Barnstaple - Aug 2016

I've been going to Nicole for some time now for Botox after thinking about it for a year or so beforehand. From the first consultation Nicole put me at ease and genuinely listened to what I wanted to achieve from the treatment and I have always been thrilled with the results. People often tell me "you don't need Botox" and I have to remind them I look this good because of the Botox!!

Highly recommend Nicole.

Nicola - Barnstaple - Jul 2016

Having carefully researched the marketplace for facial aesthetics, I chose The Brookfield Clinic having seen some of the fabulous results of Nicole's work and knowing that her career as a GP would ensure a safe, professional and confidential practice. Her warm and friendly character puts you at ease immediately and, surprisingly, the whole experience is a thoroughly pleasant one!

The treatment itself is quick and painless (certainly no worse than plucking your eyebrows!) and I have been absolutely thrilled with the results.

If you are becoming aware of the effects of ageing creeping up on you and leaving their mark then I would say that The Brookfield Clinic is the answer to your anti-ageing prayers!

Jen S-S - Northam - May 2016

I find Nicole’s manner extremely reassuring, knowledgeable and friendly. She instantly puts you at ease while going through the professional protocols. Personally I have a mild fear of needles but at no time have I ever felt any discomfort by the quick and painless procedure finished off with a lovely soothing touch of witch hazel. I have always been completely happy with the results of the procedure gaining a natural “refreshed” look without ever looking like “I’ve had work done!”.

Nicole always makes it absolutely clear if I am not entirely happy with any aspect of the work to go back for a further complementary procedure, I have never had to do this and have enjoyed many comments of “you look so well”.

I would have no hesitation in rating The Brookfield Clinic 5*****

Hannah - Barnstaple - Oct 2016

Nicole gave me an informative and professional initial consultation, with no pressure to continue and have the treatment there and then. It was my first ever treatment, and I had no doubt in my mind but to go ahead. Nicole is clearly well qualified, passionate and knowledgable. She works in a clean, calm and friendly manner and always makes me feel at ease. I am delighted with the results and would highly recommend both Brookfield Clinic and the procedure.

Victoria - Bideford - Jun 2016

Even some of us men don’t like to see the wrinkles start to appear and the deep frown lines there permanently. I’ve always stayed fit and healthy otherwise and to see Nicole in confidence and with discretion is worth every penny and day that I feel younger again in how I look. I still have all the same expressions that make me “me” thank goodness though.

Mr R

I’ve never had any lips before – just a thin straight line! I trusted Nicole’s advice about a natural look and minimal filler required but it has made such a difference. I do feel more confident about myself.


What a joy for me as an older woman to have my daughter tell me I was looking 15 years younger but without any hint of any “plastic” surgery. A totally relaxed, professional experience and I am delighted to continue to be reviewed by Nicole when I feel I need to.

Mrs C

I was nervous at first but Nicole put me at ease and the whole treatment was so much more comfortable than I had anticipated. The results were just so wonderful for me – just to hear my friends and family tell me I was looking well and not tired anymore (and they couldn’t even really tell why as it was just subtle enough!)